MEP Trojan Horse?

! This post hasn't been updated in over a year. A lot can change in a year including my opinion and the amount of naughty words I use. There's a good chance that there's something in what's written below that someone will find objectionable. That's fine, if I tried to please everybody all of the time then I'd be a Lib Dem (remember them?) and I'm certainly not one of those. The point is, I'm not the kind of person to try and alter history in case I said something in the past that someone can use against me in the future but just remember that the person I was then isn't the person I am now nor the person I'll be in a year's time.

UKIP stands candidates in European Parliamentary elections to act as trojan horses.  The Tories used to claim their MEPs were there to represent our interests in Europe and to slow down the transfer of sovereignty to Federal Europe.

So why would they appoint arch-eurofederalist MEP, Philip Bushill-Matthews, as the leader of the Conswervative MEP group?

As David Cameron told the Shropshire Star in August, “I don’t agree Britain would be better off by leaving the European Union.  Instead, we need to work within the EU to fight for change […]”.  Camoron is a eurofederalist and the Conswervatives are committed to keeping us in Federal Europe.

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  1. charliemarks (7 comments) says:

    I see from today’s news he’s also a warmonger – meeting with bush, demanding more troops in the balkans to help the US fight a future war with Russia. New Tories = New Labour? Oh, yes…

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I’ve had many run-ins with our friend Mr Bushill-Matthews. He’s very good at appearing to say one thing and actually saying something else.

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