Press Release: Birmingham, Coventry and Black Country City Region

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The following press release has been sent out today:

Four anti-regionalisation campaigners have dealt a blow to regionalists in the area, undermining local authority plans to register the Birmingham, Coventry and Black Country City Region as a limited company by registering the company themselves.

Stuart Parr and Andrew Bridgwater of the West Midlands NO! Campaign have joined with John Franklyn of Telford Council Watch and veteran campaigner, David Barnett, to set up the company after hearing of plans to turn the city region into a limited company.

The group plan to use the company to support grass-roots democracy in the West Midlands.

Stuart Parr, founder of the West Midlands NO! Campaign said “Our leaders agreed to create this city region in secret and are refusing to consult the electorate. In return we have registered Birmingham, Coventry and Black Country City Region without consulting them”.

Andrew Bridgwater, a West Midlands NO! campaigner, said “The city region isn’t interested in people like you and me, their main concern is big business and what they want for the region. The city region is an affront to democracy”.

John Franklyn, co-founder of Telford Council Watch and Telford First, said “We’re playing them at their own game. At the ‘consultation’ on the Region Spatial Strategy and Regional Economic Strategy, Telford wasn’t even on the map and it’s not even part of the name of the city region”.

Dave Barnett said “Only the North East was asked if they wanted regional government and 78% of them said no. We, in the West Midlands, have never been asked”.

Anyone wishing to become involved with Birmingham, Coventry and Black Country City Region should contact either Telford Council Watch or West Midlands NO! on 08703004371 or 07973296118.

West Midlands NO! Campaign:
Telford Council Watch:

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