Could England’s future be in the hands of Kosovo?

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Kosovo has suffered terribly at the hands of the Serbs ever since Yugoslavia broke up.

For a while now, Federal Europe has provided mediators to try and come up with a solution that would allow Kosovo to remain part of Serbia which would be acceptable to both the Serbs who don’t want to lose Kosovo and to the majority Kosovan Albanians who want independence.

They have so far failed to come up with a solution and it’s now almost certain that Kosovo will declare independence very soon but there is opposition amongst some EU member states who are concerned that recognising Kosovan independence would set a precedent and force them to recognise the independence of their own seperatist regions.

Belgium has seperatist movements in Flanders and Wallonia; Denmark has seperatist movements in the Faroes and Greenland; Finland has a seperatist movement in Åaland; France has seperatist movements in Brittany, Corsica and Savoy; Italy has seperatist movements in Sardinia, Sicily and Northern Italy; Romania has a seperatist movement in Transylvania; Spain has seperatist movements in the Basque Country, Catalonia and Navarre; Sweden has a seperatist movement in Lapland; The UK has seperatist movements in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Cornwall.

Belgium has been without a government for months now after the main parties failed (several times) to form a coalition government.  The former Prime Minister has been caretaker-Prime Minister ever since the last election.  There are strong calls for independence for Flanders and to a lesser extent, Wallonia.  The situation in Belgium is similar to in the UK – a constitutional monarchy, no-mandate Prime Minister, an artifical union at the end of its useful life, one nation of the union subsidising the rest and a lack of concern as to whether the union breaks up or not.  What is different, however, is that Belgium is held up by Federal Europe as the perfect multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual union.  It is, in short, what the European Union wants to be when it grows up and that’s why the break-up of Belgium is so important to the majority of Europeans who don’t want to live in a Federal Europe.

The Basque Country is virtually independent now within Spain.  They have so much autonomy that there is virtually nothing that can be devolved from Spain other than foreign relations and defence.  It is only a matter of time before Basque declares unilateral independence from Spain.

Scotland is also on the verge of leaving the UK but it’s proving difficult for the SNP to convince the Scots to cut the apron strings and go it alone.  This is, I think, partly to do with the fact that they want to leave a union that they control and benefit from financially to a European Union in which they will be an irrelevance and will probably end up being a net contributor to.

Kosovo could be the key to independence for many nations in Europe and ultimately the dissolution of the European Union.  The UK, Italy, France and Germany have written to other EU member states asking them support Kosavan independence if they declare it.  Italy, France and Germany don’t have much to worry about from a precedent for recognising independence because they don’t have strong seperatist movements but the British government does.  There are two possible reasons why No Mandate Brown would support setting a precedent for recognising unilateral declarations of independence – either he thinks that he could take power in an independent Scotland or he really is stupid enough to think that the union will last beyond the next 10 years.

No matter what the reasons the powers that be have for supporting independence for Kosovo, it has the potential to give English people what they want – self-government (one way or the other) and the break-up of the Federal Europe.  For these reasons, every Englishman should actively support the Kosovan independence movement.  A vote for Kosovo is a vote for England!

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I think the main thing keeping the union whole is general apathy, all politicians are regarded as a buch of cocks, regardless of who they are, where they are from oe what colour they are.(In Scotland, at least)

    If there was wide support for independence, it would be further along the road than it is but to be brutally honest, we don’t care.

    I think we will be like the fat lazy son who never leaves his parents house!

  2. Willie (3 comments) says:

    I react with alarm about your support for independence for Kososvo. The fact that the Kosovar Albanians are in the majority now is not sufficient reason for independence and I cannot believe you believe it either. NATO quite effectively ethnicly cleansed Kososvo when it forced the Serbian Army to withdraw, thereby leaving Kosovan Serbs to the mercies of their Kosovan Albanian neighbours. 200,000 or more Kosovan Serbs left.
    A poor analogy might be the idea of a Moslem (!) Wales moving its people into Hereford and Worcester, their breeding like rabbits and then demanding independence. Oh and demolishing the odd cathedral for good measure. One might feel offended.
    There is no doubt that all sides in the Balkans behaved questionably during the wars of the 1990s and to cut off the Serbs from the most important place in their history is naive and dangerous. It teaches the wrong lesson to freedom fighters or terrorists depending on your viewpoint, that force makes right when combined with demographics. Gen Mike Jackson was on the money in the Telegraph over the weekend.
    This will get worse too. The obstina in Montenegro nearest to Kosovo, Ulcinj, is undergoing huge Albanianisation. Which minority gave Montenegro the majority for its independence? What happens next? Macedonia to fragment?
    Republika Srpska to demand unity with Serbia?
    Independence for Kosovo is far too soon. Keep it a UN protectorate for the foreseeeable future.
    By the way I live in Croatia and travel widely here.

  3. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    I thought the reason they were backing Kosovan independence was because it’d be in the EU? How does this help England?

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