Brown interfering in English NHS again

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No Mandate Brown has announced that the (English) NHS will start offering health screening for heart disease, strokes and kidney disease as well as increasing the screening for some types of cancer.

Health screening is good but it’s still wrong the Gordon Brown is interfering in the English NHS.  He has no say over the NHS in his own constituency in Scotland and whether it’s a “good” or “bad” thing that he’s doing, he still has no mandate.

However, there is little point in offering health screening if there is nothing to back it up with.  The English NHS is underfunded and the service provided is inferior to that in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  What is the point in getting an early diagnosis for cancer if you can’t get the right treatment because you live in England and not Scotland?

I don’t care whether this is, on balance, a positive move or not – Gordon Brown has no mandate to interfere with the English NHS.  If he wants to meddle with the NHS then he should stand for election to the Scottish Parliament where his constituents can give him a mandate over the Scottish NHS.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I’m sure up here they do this already!

    When the GP contracts were regotiated, they lost ‘some’ money by not doing night calls but got about 10 times as much back by doing things like preventive care and testing and stuff like that.

    I think all it really does is tell us how unhealthy our unhealthy people are and how healthy our healthy people are. It was only a big money spinner in either high end practices or low end dregs zones.

  2. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    And I dare say that there’ll be no – or far too little – money to administer such preventative screening with. Genocide of the English, that’s what it is.

  3. James (6 comments) says:

    Oh look, another appointment. Another Scot appointed to No. 10’s Jockocracy.

    PM appoints Scot as strategist

    Scot becomes the 19th special adviser at No 10

    Nice jobs if you can get it*.

    (*A Scottish birth certificate)

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