Civil Service Pay Review

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The Senior Salaries Review Board has recommended that MPs get a 2.8% pay rise.

They have also recommended that the judiciary get an average of 2.4% staged to make it 1.5%.

No Mandate Brown has been bleating about how pay rises in the public sector in England have to be kept to below 2% because it’s good for the Peoples Republic of New Britain.  But not, it seems, when it comes to MPs pay.

One rule for us and one rule for them.

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  1. Ikpi Ugot (1 comments) says:

    Dear Wonko,
    2.8% doesn’t sound that big does it, I live in Nigeria and trust me a 2.8% increase would barely beep on the radar. It seems you feel lost in your own country, shame. Quite a lot of us here wish we had some of your MP’s, we hardly have anything favorable to say about our own self serving MP’s who ‘technically’ voted themselves in. We are in a right mess here. There are hordes of us ready to make the leap across the ocean over there, one more problem for you to sweat over, lucky bugger. Cheers

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    You’re welcome to take almost any MP you want, there are only a couple I’d be sorry to see the back of.

    Nigeria has a lot of problems, the biggest one of which is the fact that the country has plenty of natural resources but Nigerians don’t see any benefit from it because of rampant corruption. Rather than leaving your country, stay there and take your country back from the corrupt officials running it.

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