Hain’s Fucked

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Peter Hain is being investigated by the Electoral Commission and the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner over his failure to disclose £103,000 in donations to his deputy leadership campaign.

This is 54% of the total donations to his deputy leadership campaign but it was an “innocent mistake” according to Hain.

£35,000 of the £103,000 came from the Progressive Policy Forum (PPF), a sockpuppet New Liebour think tank.  The money was donated to the PPF by two Liebour supporters who, it turns out, weren’t aware that their money was going to be diverted to Hain’s campaign.  The background notes with Hain’s statement claiming it was all an “innocent mistake” said “When unpaid bills came to light PPF was approached and with the permission of the individual donors concerned the monies were donated to Hain4Labour”.  These would be the individual donors who say they didn’t know the money was being diverted to Hain’s campaign.

Just how much sleaze, fraud and rampant corruption can Liebour expect us to accept?  Have they been taking lessons from the Italians?  This party really has to be closed down – they’re riddled with fraud and corruption from the top down.  Hain’s resignation should have been on No Mandate Brown’s desk as soon as it became public that he had broken the law and lied to the electorate about the donations made through the PPF without permission of the donors.

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  1. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    Hain the hippy is as bent as a nine bob note mate! Oh for crying out loud, he forgot to mention that he was given £103,000? Everyone knows thats bollocks! I am so glad that he has that much money. Well, he must have if he can forget £103,000. You know what really, really, really pisses me off? The fact that Hain is a pompous fuckin’ jumped up know it all lecturing cunt! How many times has he come out with patronising statements about other people’s supposed bad behaviour? And look what he does? Man, the twat needs stringing up! And then burying on a cricket pitch! What a fuckin’ piece of hypocritical shite he is! I mean come on, there are people out there trying to bring their kids up in the correct manner and tgheir kids have to see this patheticly childish behaviour! Hain needs to be sacked immediately. No mercy should be shown to Hain. He certainly wouldnt show any.

  2. KeithS (80 comments) says:

    I think you pretty well summed up most of our views there M 🙂
    But I bet he gets away with it. If a man-in-the-street claimed ‘It was an innocent mistake’ after committing a crime, it wouldn’t be taken as a defence.
    Isn’t this just what we’ve come to expect from politicians these days, including ‘You can have a referendum, no you can’t’ Brown? The whole sanctimonious lot of them make me sick.

  3. Wyrdtimes (31 comments) says:

    The dayglo greaseball is indeed as bent as a nine bob note. Let’s hope he burns and brings down the rest of the lying, thieving scumbags.

    What’s that German word again? Schadenfreude wasn’t it? I’ve got it big time 🙂

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