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As if getting a decent education in England wasn’t enough of a lottery already, the Brit-Scot government in Westminster has decided that schools in England should be required to take a percentage of their intake from outside of their catchment area with those places allocated by a lottery system.

This means that in over-subscribed schools, a child living opposite the school gates could be forced to go to a school miles away because the quota for local children has been met and someone from outside the catchment area has got a place instead.  Genius!

So much for reducing our collective carbon footprint – more car and bus journeys to get to school.  What about road safety?  How many more accidents are there going to be involving kids getting hit by cars on their way to school?  And this will only apply to England of course because education is a devolved issue.

In the words of Pink Floyd, leave them kids alone.

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  1. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    Woodside and Madeley Academy is an example of that. Children living across the road will only be able look at the new shinning academy.

  2. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    It is all designed to alienate English kids mate. English kids who are innocent of any wrong doing being victimised because they’re English. Oh it’ll backfire on the c*nts who are doing it i’m sure. Of course the idiots are too f*ckin’ thick to realise that they’re building up a huge amount of resentment. As if they havent done that already ah? They’re just adding fuel to the already huge fire mate. I can’t wait to see the f*ckin’ b*stards who are doing this get what they f*ckin’ deserve! Oh I am sure the pc English hating tw*ts would spout some sh*te like “well, if the English hadnt done this, that and the other we wouldnt be annoyed with them” Ha! Ha! A welcher once told me, “if England wasnt such a big bully
    people wouldnt be so resentful”. Oh yeah taffy great justification for your bigotry ah? No!
    Anyway, what these English kids done? What have they done to deserve this shite? They werent alive when the empire was alive and kickin’! Which is often one of the reasons the anti English use for their own bigoted views. Black slavery? Er, no! These kids cannot be blamed for that either.
    Infact, they’re innocent of any wrong doing whatsoever.

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    No, it is a more subtle ploy than that for ‘over subscribed’ read ‘successful’ or ‘good’. If you can import some sink hole miscreants in, the performance and output will drop and the kids will dumb down. And as has been shown on countless occasions stupid uneducated slobs dont vote, so the current status quo will be maintained!

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