Resistance is futile, you WILL be federated

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There is, I believe, a deliberate attempt to stifle all dissent and opposition throughout Federal Europe.

The “speaker” of the EU Parliament has been given the power to arbitarily decide who can and can’t speak in the EU Parliament after UKIP MEPs staged a legitimate protest against the EU Constitution.  This was done to protect freedom of speech, apparently.

Now Liebour MPs are kicking off because 4 of their MPs are supporting the  group.  The efforts of the Liebour Party to stop this deviation from policy are extreme – they actually threatened the 4 MPs involved with expulsion from the parliamentary party if they didn’t withdraw support.  Sadly, Frank field and Kate Hoey have withdrawn public support for  after Geoff Hoon threatened to kick them out of their party for wanting to honour their manifesto pledge.

Liebour has gone on the offensive making vague and apparently baseless suggestions that  is a bit of a shady organisation, offering no specific examples of wrongdoing and never actually coming out and accusing them of anything but sowing the seeds of doubt.

Liebour has become more and more authoritarian and this is a pattern repeated throughout Federal Europe.  Attempts to force democratic votes are suppressed and in Portugal, two thirds of the political parties there are being made illegal through a new law due to come into effect soon.

The question is, is this just Liebour being a bunch of facist control freaks because they like the idea of being jackbooted nazi’s or is it a co-ordinated effort throughout Federal Europe to supress freedom of speech, the right to protest and the democratic process?

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  1. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    Both. Primarily the latter, but because they’re the former, they don’t object. We’re already blocked from protest anywhere near Parliament unless given prior permission. Members of the Labour Party, particularly the PLP, are almost exclusively vile vermin who have no more regard for decency than a certain Adolf Hitler, of No 1 Berlin.

    Utter cunts.

  2. Alfie the OK (19 comments) says:

    Check out Guido’s piece posted today about Andy Slaughter MP telling a bloke from ‘I want a referendum’ to ‘fuck off’…..

  3. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Good news is that Frank Field and Kate Hoey have not quit the IWAR campaign:

    “Two senior Labour MPs have pledged to continue campaigning for an EU treaty referendum despite pressure from their party to stop.

    “Contrary to earlier reports, Frank Field and Kate Hoey have both said they have not quit I Want a Referendum.

    “Two other Labour MPs, Gisele Stewart and Graham Stringer, have had their names removed from campaign literature but continue to support its aims.”

    A wonderful fuck-you to the obnoxious Geoff Hoon!

    Four years ago the RMT union was kicked out of Labour, supposedly for breaking the rules by not supporting the aims of the party’s manifesto (actually for the decisions of branches to back other, pro-worker, parties). Since the treaty is 99% constitution, will Brown and co purge themsselves from Labour?
    The RMT’s backing the Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution campaign (, by the way.

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