Ahern & Brown push NI to take on more devolution

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No Mandate Brown and Bertie Ahern have urged the Stormont Assembly to complete the devolution process in Northern Ireland by taking on police and justice even though the DUP isn’t keen on taking on those powers.

Talk about taking the piss!  Northern Ireland is being pushed into accepting more devolution that it doesn’t want while England is being refused any form of devolution that doesn’t involve abolishing our country and replacing it with regional pseudo-parliaments.

I just sent this to the Taoiseach Press Office:

To whom it may concern,

Mr Ahern has issued a joint statement with the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, urging the Northern Ireland Assembly to take on more devolved powers in the areas of policing and justice despite the DUP and others being reluctant to take on those powers.

As Mr Ahern is taking such a keen interest in devolution in the UK, could he please encourage Mr Brown when next they meet to extend devolution to England as well?  We are 85% of the population of the UK yet we have no form of devolved government in England.  MPs elected in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – such as Mr Brown – vote on issues that are devolved in their own constituencies yet MPs elected in England cannot vote on those same issues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Does Mr Ahern think this situation is fair on the people of England and does he think it appropriate to press the Northern Irish government to “complete the devolution process” in Northern Ireland whilst England remains the only nation in Europe that doesn’t have direct political representation?

Kind Regards, 

Stuart Parr
Campaign for an English Parliament

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