Abolish Regional Quangos petition – government response

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No Mandate Brown took some time out of his busy schedule to tell one of his PR guru’s to send a pointless and evasive answer to the West Midlands NO! petition calling on the British government to abolish regional quangos.

The Government believes there are issues which extend beyond the boundaries of even the largest local authority, and that a regional approach is necessary to analyse and address the causes of economic disparity; ensure planning and investment decisions are properly integrated; and co-ordinate sub-national government activity.

The Review of sub-national economic development and regeneration (SNR) published in July 2007 set out a number of reforms to ensure the regional tier is streamlined and effective. Regional Assemblies in their current form and function will not continue. Instead Regional Development Agencies (reporting to the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) will be responsible for developing and agreeing with local authorities in their regions integrated Regional Strategies promoting sustainable economic development. Parliamentary scrutiny of RDAs will be strengthened, alongside continuing Government oversight of RDA impact and value for money.

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