Camoron plumbs new depths of stupidity

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Just when I thought that Camoron couldn’t get any more stupid, he has plumbed new depths of stupidity.

He’s announced that if he gets to be Prime Minister, by the end of his first Parliament, one third of ministers will be women.  Great, positive discrimination – how very socialist of you Dave.

Despite Conswervative attempts to get more women to stand for election by forcing their constituency associations to choose women candidates even if they have much better men wanting to stand, there are still relatively few female MPs.  This isn’t because women are being discriminated against, it’s because proportionately, significantly less women want to stand for election than men.
Imposing a quota on the male/female split in the cabinet would be harmful for the Conswervatives and the country.  I don’t give a shit about how damaging it is for the Conswervatives but I do care about what quality of government we get.  Male MPs who could potentially do a very good job and shock horror, may even be qualified to fill the cabinet position they’re in (that would be a novelty, eh?) will be pushed to one side to make way for a female candidate who may be way down the list of suitable candidates in a combined male/female list but is getting the job because she’s a woman.

Just as it is wrong for the Police and Fire Service and universities to discriminate against white English people by closing recruitment drives to white people, so it is wrong for the Conswervatives to discriminate against men in the selection of parliamentary candidates and ministers.  If I was a member of the Conswervatives I’d put myself forward for selection just so I could make a complaint about sexual discrimination to try and stop them.

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  1. steve (38 comments) says:

    We are the laughing stock of Europe, if not the world. Can non of these pudding head morons see this? It makes me so bloody angry to see these tossers undo the work of many talented people who helped build England into the country it once was.

    What the hell happened to national pride?
    Hello David, knock knock, is anybody there?

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