Hard Shoulders to be used as extra lane

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The Department for Transport has decided to allow drivers to use the hard shoulder of motorways during busy times in a bid to ease congestion.

Great for reducing congestion because it gives you an extra lane and good for the taxpayer because it means they won’t be spending billions on widening motorways.  Not so great for the people who have an accident on the motorway – which, of course, are more common when the motorway is congested – who find that the ambulance can’t get to them because the hard shoulder is blocked with traffic.


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  1. Letters From A Tory (22 comments) says:

    My prediction is that within a year or so of these schemes operating, the ‘new’ lane will be as clogged as the rest of the motorway and motorists will be no better off. Your point about emergency vehicles is a serious issue that has been completely bypassed the Government.

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    maybe they want ‘dead drivers’ maybe the current system of interecine road works is not producing enough and this is a new scheme to delay emergency services and thus increase the amount of burnt to deaths and bleed to deaths on our roads?

  3. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    That’s the end of the Hard Shoulder then. Before we know it people will be picnicking on the verges, then the gypos will be camping there. Third World here we come.

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