EU Referendum amendment rejected

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The Conswervative amendment to the EU Reform Treaty calling for a referendum has been rejected by 311 to 248.

That means that the House of Commons contains 311 traitors and enemies of the state who must be hounded from their jobs at the next opportunity.

The EU Reform Treaty, despite assertions by the treacherous Liebour and Illiberal Dubmasscrat parties, is almost identical to the EU Constitution. The EU Reform Treaty produces exactly the same end result as the EU Constitution – with one or two exceptions – but implements it in a different way. The EU Reform Treaty removes references to the EU anthem and flag and adds something else in its place and then puts the bits removed into an appendix which is optional. The EU Constitution replaced all existing treaties whilst the EU Reform Treaty simply amends existing treaties (effectively replacing them almost in their entirety) to produce the same end result.

The EU Reform Treaty is, quite simply, the EU Constitution in a different package. We know it, our traitor MPs know it. Most of us want a referendum – 88% according to the private referendum held the other day – and our traitor MPs have voted against the will of their constituents. They are traitors and they must be punished.

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  1. CherryPie (69 comments) says:

    Disappointing, but not really a surprise!!!

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