Climate Change lies exposed

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The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology has concluded that the floods last year were nothing to do with climate change despite the hysterical wailing of eco-terrorists and the British government that we only have ourselves to blame.

In response to the report, the Environment Agency has admitted that the floods had nothing to do with climate change – a natural event that has been happening for millions of years – but bizarrely still tried to use the floods to scare people into swallowing their ill-informed propaganda:

Although we cannot attribute last summer’s floods to climate change, climate change predictions mean we can expect to see more extreme weather events such as flooding in the future

Unbelievable!  Even when they’re exposed as liars and propagandists they still continue to peddle the myth.  If a house fell down and the type of bricks used was blamed and it was later discovered to have been a freak accident and not the type of bricks, would you expect people to be warned that more houses were going to fall down if they kept using the same type of bricks?

Get it through your thick skulls, climate change is a natural event largely unaffected by human activity that has happened for millions of years and will continue to happen for millions of years to come.  The only consensus amongst the scientific community on climate change is what they are being paid by the tax-raising departments of governments to say and there is no justification for the punitive taxes being levied in the name of tackling climate change.  If these cretins are so convinced of their claims then lets help them on the road to salvation by building a bloody great balsa wood ark, filling it full of climate change propagandists and floating it out into the Atlantic.

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