History keeps on repeating itself

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I was browsing the Africa section of the BBC News website today catching up on the declining fortune of everyone’s favourite dictator when I spotted this story.

It seems that pirates off the coast of Somalia have boarded a luxury French yacht and taken the thirty crew hostage.

Well, what a surprise.  It only happened 25 times last year after all and Somalia vies for the top spot with Nigeria in the international pirate attack league table.

Here’s some free advice for the monetary-endowed but mentally-challenged ladies and gentlemen of substance and leisure.  If you’re looking for sun and fun on your million pound yacht, don’t sail along the coast of Somalia.  They don’t have wooden legs, drink rum and sing yo ho ho before amusingly falling over the side of their ship allowing you to escape with a chest full of jewels.  Those types of pirates are make believe.  The type of pirates you get off the coast of Somalia are real.  They do unamusing things like shoot people and steal their million pound yachts.

Honestly, I wonder if the people behind the Darwin Awards have been keeping an eye on this.  There’s got to be some contenders for the 2008 awards already.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Somalia is and always will be piss poor, the only reason the Italians had a colony there, was no one else wanted it, it was not worth the effort.

    Unfortuneatley, it is halfway between 2 nice places.

    Ideally, what we need is, cruise liners with guns and then, you could get alerts to the approach of pirates and go onto the quarter deck to watch them being blown up!

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