Zimbabwe election recount

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After three weeks, votes are being recounted in 23 seats in Zimbabwe that Robert Mugabe’s ZanuPF lost.

The Zimbabwean Electoral Commission is a pro-Mugabe, ZanuPF-controlled quango and party officials are believed to have had free access to the ballot boxes for the duration.  The opposition MDC says that it will not support any recount because they believe that the ballot boxes will have been stuffed.

The election in Zimbabwe is a sham.  Mugabe will hold on to power for as long as he can, either by lying and cheating or just eliminating the opposition.  China has sent a ship with 3m rounds of ammunition, 1,500 rocket propelled grenades and 2,500 mortar rounds to South Africa for Zimbabwe.  South African dockers refused to unload the ship in protest at their government’s shameful support for Mugabe’s illegitimate regime but it’ll find somewhere to drop off its load and no doubt the weapons and ammunition will be used to keep Mugabe in power long after he should have been kicked out of his office and thrown into prison.

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  1. Letters From A Tory (22 comments) says:

    Mugabe is going to rig it, he is going to end up winning, the election will be declared over, and Mugabe will keep hold of power.

    Oh, and the international community will do nothing.

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