Things that piss me off … on the roads

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Three things that piss me off on the roads:

1. People driving 4×4’s or road versions of World Rally Championship winning cars driving down the middle of the road to avoid driving over speed bumps.

2. People driving tractors down a busy road at 8 o’clock in the morning.

3. People who drive round islands in the outside lane regardless of which exit they’re getting off.

Anyone got any better ones¬†… ?

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  1. Dark Heretic (15 comments) says:

    Some more thing to add to your list

    1.) Caravans at any time of the day, or night for that matter
    2.) Scooters tucked right up your chuffer so you can’t see them but you can hear the little beggars
    3.) Tricked up corsas especially ones with rear spoilers on the roof.
    4.) Drivers who lie down whilst driving
    5.) Bus stops that have been moved from being off road onto the road

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    #5 is a good one, that really pisses me off. To expand on that one, just down the road from me (on the way to work, naturally) there are two bus stops on the side of the road despite grass verges 20 yards wide on either side with a central refuge between them. The buses are scheduled so that a couple of times an hour both buses meet and block the road completely but even when they’re not both there together you have to go the wrong side of a keep left sign to go round the bus.

    Oh, and #3 – there are loads of them round here. Corsas, Puntos, any poncy little girly car. And they all wear baseball caps while they’re driving. Tossers.

  3. Toque (32 comments) says:

    People who think the morning rush hour is a good time to go for a horse ride.

  4. Nigel (3 comments) says:

    Your 3rd one is one that gets me. Along with said drivers believing that indicating on a roundabout is optional!
    The problem I see tho is that the designers and road markers of roundabouts seem to believe this is acceptable practice and almost encourage the practice by their lane markings. I can think a couple of classics near Cannock where the markings encourage you to be in the left lane when going right because it then sets you up in the correct lane for the next adjoining roundabout – infuriating really.

  5. steadmancinques (34 comments) says:

    Dodderers, which seem to me to come in three varieties; ‘constant speed’ dodderers who travel at 43mph irrespective of road conditions, whether along an open ‘A’ road, or past a school in a 30 limit when the kids are coming out. ‘constant-foot’ dodderers who tear downhill and slow right up as they lose momentum up the other side without ever altering their foot on the pedal position; and ‘Oh! My God! there’s a bend!’ dodderers who hammer along the straights and then pile on all the anchors to go round a curve of 20 miles radius at 3mph.

  6. Harry Hook (4 comments) says:

    Jay walking pedestrians who think that looking the other way, will absolve them of mortality.

  7. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Cyclists on pavements, i always thump them when i get the oppurtunity.

  8. Manbeast (24 comments) says:

    Tail gaters who drive so close to your back end that you hope they’re wearing a condom! And that’s despite driving with the speedometer needle dead on the speed limit.

    It’s dangerous and it’s rude.

    A**** Bandits!

  9. KeithS (80 comments) says:

    Adding to steadmancinques dodderers above:
    Dodderers who have no idea of the width of their cars, so won’t go past a parked car on their side of the road whilst there’s an oncoming vehicle within half a mile. *Every* parked car gets stopped behind, even though there’s plenty of room for both vehicles to pass.
    Dodderers who, on approaching a T junction, will not move to the left or the right of their lane to permit those following them who want to turn in the other direction to proceed.
    Dodderers who have no idea what to do when wanting to turn right at a hatched ‘box’ junction, so won’t even enter the box junction whilst there’s an oncoming car within half a mile, so no-one else can get past them to carry straight on or turn left. FFS, if your road that you want to proceed into is clear, you’re allowed into the junction, even if there’s oncoming traffic preventing you actually turning right at the moment.

    There! I feel better for that!

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