Hamas formally offers truce

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Hamas has formally offered a truce in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has dismissed the offer saying that it’s just a ploy to let Hamas “rearm and regroup”.

Gosh, how nice it must be to know everything all the time.

Looks like my question has been answered.

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  1. George Ashcroft (122 comments) says:

    The only reason why Hamas is calling for a \”truce\” is because the Israelis have crippled Gaza in RETALIATION and DEFENCE against TERRORIST attacks against Israel by HAMAS. Hamas must FIRST desist from those attacks UNILATERALLY and demonstrate a for a sustained period that they are serious about peace.

    Then, and only then, should Israel step down her operations against Hamas and enter into negotiation. Ultimately, there can be no peace process without a renunciation of violence from Hamas. Such a renunciation should go hand in hand with a recognition that Israel is and will continue to exist.

  2. Scaffold (146 comments) says:

    Stu, why are you always assuming that everything Israel says and does is automatically wrong, and everything Hamas says and does is automatically right?

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    …because if we stick with the status quo of the situation, we might as well get the ovens stoked up ans try and get the contract before Siemmens wins it again!

  4. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Ah George, I could set my watch by you. Much more of this and there’ll be a borough councillor vacancy in Brookside. 😉

    Max, I don’t assume everything Israel does is wrong and everything Hamas does is wrong – far from it – but if you weren’t blinkered by the fact that Hamas are arabs and Israelis aren’t you would see that what Israel does is wrong on such a grander scale. Militants attacking the country illegally occupying their country with homemade bombs is on a whole different level to a national army using overwhelming force against a country they’ve been illegally occupying for half a century. If Israel wasn’t in Palestine they wouldn’t have half the problems they have now.

    Axel, slight randomness going on there! Almost on 300 comments though …

  5. George Ashcroft (122 comments) says:

    May I be so bold as to suggest that Wonko assumes such because he seeks to court controversy over the issue? I find it a little bizarre.

    Take a country, any country you care to mention. It’s neighbour one day declares that it wants to “wipe it off the map”. It then proceeds to fire rockets daily, sends in sucide bombers and launches an all out campaign against that country. That campaign is funded and supported by allies who also believe that the country should be “wiped off the map”.

    The country under fire, whilst seeking to protect it’s citizens and visitors, fights back against the aggressor. She fights back such that the original aggressor now calls for a truce. If you were that country, how would you then deal with the agressor? Would you simply accept, unconditionally, anything they said? Would you accept their word, mindful of the killing and suffering that they had inflicted upon your people? Would you accept that word even if appeared to be offering peace?

    I contend that Israel should not accept the word of terrorists at face value. Rather, they should demand preconditions ahead of any truce. Those preconditions should start with the immediate ceasation of rocket and suicide attacks; that includes those claimed in the name of other militant groups in Gaza. There must follow an unequivacable statement from Hamas that they recognise the right of Israel to exist and following on from that a full and complete repudiation of violence. These claims must be demonstrable.

    Then and only then, should Israel relax her security operations in Gaza. It is upon that basis and only upon that basis taht a peace process may begin which stand any hope at all of being both meaningful and lasting.

  6. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I like to play devil’s advocate because sometimes that’s the only way to get a balanced view. I do genuinely believe that what Israel does in Palestine is on a different level completely to what Hamas or any of the other groups in illegally occupied Palestine.

    However, that revisionism is surfacing again George …

    Take a country, any country you care to mention. It’s neighbour one day declares that it wants to “wipe it off the map”.

    This isn’t true George and you know it isn’t. What would be more accurate would be …

    Take a group of people spread thiny around the world who haven’t been a nationality for over 2,000 years, pick another country, any country you care to mention and declare that you intend to partition it and create a new nation for this other group of people inside it. The neighbours of the country that’s going to be partitioned declare that they will “wipe it off the map” if it’s ever created. The country is partitioned anyway leading to the promised war with all its neighbours, during which period the new nation that’s just been created illegally occupies the original country that was partitioned and carries out a military campaign that lasts for over 50 years in defiance of the will of the international community.

    Then add your bits afterwards and see if they still make sense or seem reasonable.

    Just an aside – Israel pledged to abide by the will of, and be a responsible member of, the international community when it joined the United Nations. They’ve failed on both counts, can they be trusted to deal with the democratically elected government of Palestine in a fair and honest manner?

  7. George Ashcroft (122 comments) says:

    Here is part of a piece I wrote the other day and I repeat again here.

    “We must be political realists. In reality the historic arguments about Israel’s coming into existence are irrelevant. ISRAEL EXISTS and the speculations about what is right and wrong, what should be done and not done, should start from the premise that ISRAEL IS.

    For the most part the opponents of Israel live in the same twisted and counterfactual world as do the Islamic extremists who still to this very day postulate and pronounce on the historic legitimacy or otherwise of the nation of Israel. To suggest, as some undoubtedly do, that the state of Israel is “illegitimate” or that Israel enjoys “no historic claim” to the land is to play directly into the hands of the real opponents of freedom in the world today.”

    I believe that this is precisely the position that Wonko finds himself in when, without any hint of irony, he says :

    “I do genuinely believe that what Israel does in Palestine is on a different level completely to what Hamas or any of the other groups in illegally occupied Palestine”.

  8. axel (1214 comments) says:

    George, we accept that Israel exists, we also must accept that Palestine exists!

    The thing is, we as the external bodies must accept resposibility for what is going on, we supply IDF with bombs and stuff and someone else supplies Hamas with their gear, they BOTH are as bad as each other, so they both need treated like naughty kids, the only problem is doing that bi laterally.

    Israel and Hamas will continue to happily blow each other up as long as there is covert conflict between the USA & allies and Iran & allies. Until that is resolved, we are all pissing in the wind.

    Wonko- Seimens made the crematoria for Aushcwitz and the ghettoisation of Gaza has certain historical parrellels

  9. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    Political realists.
    Come on George – you are here preaching the gospel but not putting into practice, the good thing about putting your views in writing, you cannot deny saying them afterwards

    Israel are bandits are bandits in my opinion and they cannot be trusted democratically elected government of Palestine in a fair and honest manner.

  10. George Ashcroft (122 comments) says:

    John, I don’t quite understand your comments: “…you are here preaching the gospel but not putting into practice”.

    I have no difficulty in putting my views into writing: I am more than willing to justify them.

    I don’t understand the second part of your last sentence though I am saddened by the first part of that same sentence, the meaning of which is quite clear.

    I certainly do not agree with your assertion that “Israel are bandits are bandits”.

    Israel is a legitimate and democratic nation state and for these reasons alone deserves our support in defeating terrorism: a menace that today confronts us all.

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