Mugabe will stop at nothing to stay in power

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Robert Mugabe has demonstrated his commitment to democracy by having the offices of the MDC and the independent election monitor, ZESN, raided.

In total about a hundred people have been arrested and ballot counting and computer equipment has been taken under a warrant issued for “subversive information likely to overthrow a constitutionally elected government”.  This would be the MDC-majority constitutionally elected government would it?  Or is it perhaps, the no mandate losers, ZanuPF who are clinging on to power as the illegitimate government of Zimbabwe thanks to their equally illegitimate, no mandate president.

The ballots have been in the possession of Mugabe’s ZanuPF party since the election weeks ago; opposition supporters are being intimidated and attacked by police, party officials and “veterans”; and now the independent election monitors have had their equipment stolen and their employees arrested on trumped up charges.  Mugabe will never give up power and as can be seen from this latest action, nothing is off limits in his quest to cling to power.

Zimbabwe’s neighbours can’t be relied on to sort their neighbour out – especially South Africa, the only country with any influence (other than China who’s been trying to send them lots more guns to shoot their opponents with) over Mugabe.  When will we see some action by the so-called “international community”?

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  1. Dark Heretic (15 comments) says:

    Good question that. When will we see some action by the so called international community? Answer = never.

    1.) The US and UK are too busy elsewhere
    2.) France don’t make laugh
    3.) Russia and China want to sell arms to Africa so won’t say anything about Mugabe
    4.) Germany wouldn’t want to upset the new reich they’re forming in Europe
    5.) Any other African country or neighbour won’t do anything as they have enough trouble keeping their own countries in order let alone someone elses.
    6.) The U.N. again stop with making me laugh.

    Anyway that’s how I see it and I don’t think I’m too far off my mark. Unless we or the US do something nothing will get done. And even if we do we’ll be chastised for actually doing something about it. But another question springs off the back of this comment is why should the international community get involved if the African countries can’t sort out their own mess?

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    And Zimbabwe has nothing that makes it worth the effort or cost

    I think the situation will stay as it is, Gordo likes Bobo because Bobo says Gordo is a powerful man in charge of an international conspiracy and that makes him hot. Now, if he could only get us to beleive that too…..

  3. jameshigham (87 comments) says:

    There appears to be a lot of under the table cash involved in this thing.

  4. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    Just nuke the fuckers. Quick, simple solution.

    Oh, and that “about a hundred people” arrested is now being reported as 215. What a charming country.

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