Global Cooling

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The already discredited global warming propagandists will be reeling from the latest evidence that they’re a bunch of lying shits.

They’ve yet to offer a reasonable explanation for why, despite their claims that the earth is warming, it has in fact been cooling for the last few years and is lower than it has been several times in the last couple of milllenia.  They haven’t even attempted to explain at all how the data that convinced scientists 30 years ago we were heading for an ice age has now convinced them we’re now getting global warming.  Now it turns out that we’re headed for a decade of global cooling caused by “natural climate cycles”!  Someone is seriously off message.

There is a lifeline for the global warming propagandists though.  The scientists who’ve gone off message have predicted that we’ll see even harsher rises in temperatures from 2010 to 2020 so that it’ll catch up with the prediction made by the IPPC report that was headed up by an exposed liar.

Any bets what will happen when, in 10 years time, it turns out the global economy is fucked because of a load of bollocks?  When the so-called experts who’ve driven us into recession and poverty admit it was all because of a big fucking lie will they be punished?  They’ll claim that they’ve saved us, I know they will.

These bullshit propagandist scientists who sell their integrity to the highest bidder are a disgrace to their profession.

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  1. Rob (27 comments) says:

    This should be very funny. But if those lunatics get their way none of us will be laughing.

  2. Letters From A Tory (22 comments) says:

    The government will need to keep banging the climate change drum in order to push through the new green taxes. They’re not done yet, believe me.

  3. Dark Heretic (15 comments) says:

    Therefore if we’re experiencing Global Cooling and not global warming we need to do something about it.

    1.) The government needs to penalise drivers of efficient cars and give breaks to those of us who drive large cars.
    2.) Tax those that don’t go on planes every year and subsidise flights.
    3.) Forget the nuclear power plants and build coal powered plants instead.
    4.) Make Jeremy Clarkson minister against global cooling

    Seriously though I bet the government still bangs it’s eco-drum saying taxes are needed to avert global warming and still don’t say how extra taxes will save the earth?

  4. Dick Stilton (1 comments) says:

    Global warming my arse…. Its just the natural cycle of things and just because no records were kept the last time doesnt mean it didnt happen. Just another bag of shite from the house of shite…. Westminster.

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