When did evidence become optional?

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Via An Englishman’s Castle, a 73 year old former Grenadier has been tagged for failing to stop at the scene of an accident which he says he wasn’t involved in.

He says that a woman ran out in front of a car and the car knocked her over and then drove off.  He says that he stopped to see if she was ok and when a passer by said they’d phoned the police he went on his way.

The following day he stopped at a police station to find out if the woman was ok and was arrested on suspicion of running the woman over.

Apparently the woman’s DNA was found on the man’s car but when it came to court the Crown offered no evidence so he was found innocent of having run the woman over but was convicted of failing to report the accident he was found innocent of being involved in.

New Liebour, New Britain, No Justice.

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  1. CherryPie (69 comments) says:

    Utter madness!

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    so……if i am in england and i see someone getting run over and i am too busy enjoying the gore and the spectacle of it, I could get arrested for failing to report it?

    Then again, you have a Fifer as your boss, so i guess that is the least of your problems

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    No, better than that – you’d get tagged for not reporting that you’d run somebody over even if you’d been found innocent of running the person over.

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