Referendums will not be devolved

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The Commons Scottish Affairs Committee of British MPs has decided that responsibility for holding ballots should not be transferred to the Scottish Parliament.

They cited the lack of faith amongst the electorate for the electronic voting system used in Scotland as a reason for keeping the responsibility with the British government’s Scottish Office.

Alex the Salmon won’t be very happy, though, he’s been pushing for this responsibility to be devolved which is the real reason why it won’t.  It’s nothing to do with the voting system used in Scotland, it’s because devolving responsibility for ballots to the Scottish government would enable the SNP to hold a legitimate referendum on independence.

Turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas.

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One comment

  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    No, alex salmond will think it a good thing, even if he wont admit it.

    If he is given the real power he claims he wants, when he ballses it up, it will be ‘his fault’ at the moment, he is happy to still have westminster as the big bad bully that screws things up!

    Also, the guys in westminster are not going to vote to end their own jobs.

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