Governed by Europe? The Tories will RAC to it!

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That Tory Toff, Iain Dale, he’s a card.

Under the title “UKIP: Going nowhere in Crewe” is this picture:

The Land Rover there belongs to Councillor Jill Seymour who took time out from running her business with her husband to take the Land Rover from Telford to Crewe to support the UKIP candidate, Mike Nattrass.  I wonder how many “normal” Conswervative Party members have made a 120 mile daily round trip to Crewe to support their candidate.  Sure, people like Iain and various cabinet members have toddled off the Crewe but politics is their day job – they’re not taking time out from their jobs and businesses to support their man.

Fair play, the picture is just begging for a caption but at least give credit where credit is due.  They’ve even put a poster up while they’re waiting!

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