Whatever happened to the climate change consensus?

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Wonko’s World regular, KeithS, very kindly sent me a link to this article on the First Post website: Whatever happened to the climate change consensus?

A very good question and an equally good article.  Excellent in fact.

The First Post points out that whilst the IPPC report on climate change (the lead author of which is a proven liar) and Al Gore’s propaganda film, An Inconvenient Truth, gets extensive media coverage and quoted regularly by the media, the Oregon Petition and Manhattan Declaration are completely ignored.

The Oregon Petition has been signed by 31,000 scientists from around the world, 9,000 of which are PhD’s, rejecting the IPPC’s view on the cause of climate change.  The Manhattan Declaration was signed by over 500 climatologists, scientists and engineers and also rejected the IPPC’s view on the cause of climate change and An Inconvenient Truth.

Contrast the support for the Oregon Petition and the Manhattan Declaration with the IPPC report on climate change which was supposedly endorsed by 2,500 scientists.  However, 4,000 of them say that their names were attached to the report without their knowledge or consent and one even had to threaten legal action to get his name removed.
The First Post finishes with the opinion that the IPPC report was political, not scientific and that the UN and western media will very soon have to admit that have basically lied and fed us with propaganda.

Go and read the full article – it’s a shame the mainstream media don’t produce more of this type of content.

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