How long will knife suspects be locked up for?

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The Counter Terrorism Bill that will allow suspects of terrorist offences such as teaching someone to shoot a gun, protesting outside parliament or saying “nonsense” to Jack Straw to be locked up for a month and a half without charge hasn’t even passed through the House of Lords yet and already the British government is scratting around for something else to introduce draconian legislation for.

No Mandate Brown has, predictably in light of recent headlines, decided that they “will take any legislative measures that are necessary to deal with knife crime in our country”.  The Met Police have already announced that knife crime has replaced terrorism as their top priority and of course the Met Commissioner and Liebour lap dog, Sir Ian Blair, was more than happy to regurgitate his party’s propaganda on terrorism to give Liebour the request from the police for more powers that they were looking for to convince readers of the Sun that they were doing the right thing.

You mark my words, very soon we’ll hear announcements that internment is going to be extended to people suspected of knife crime as well as “terrorists”.  This is just another excuse for a power grab by the totalitarian wankers in Westminster, another excuse to erode our rights and liberties by the power mad despots that form this modern day rump parliament and it won’t stop until England is renamed Airstrip One.  And I bet you a pound that the new legislation, when it comes, will be just as badly written as the “anti-terror” legislation and will criminalise anyone legitimately carrying a knife just as the Terrorism Act makes a terrorist of anyone legitimately teaching someone to use a gun.

The most laughable thing about all this sudden interest in knife crime statistics is that knife crime has only recently been reported on seperately from other weapon-related crimes so nobody actually knows what the knife crime trend is!

Anyone know where I can lay my hands on five hundred breeze blocks and a couple of tons of cement?  I really need to get started on that bunker …

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  1. Andi (82 comments) says:

    I have to disagree with you. The anti-terror legislation was not “badly written”. It was expertly written.

    Just because it was written with the sole purpose of eroding (if not out-right removing) our personal liberties and freedoms does not make it badly written.

    Its all still bollocks though.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Good point Ginge. From the point of view of fulfilling an illiberal agenda it was very well written, from the point of view of us poor fools who might end up being victims of the legislation it’s badly written.

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Gordo has announced that all those caught with knives will no longer get off with a caution

    Where are they going to go?

    A few months ago, they were releasing terrorists because there was no room in the nick.

    I really hope when he gets sacked, he stays in london because if he comes up here he will get battered, he really is a dick, I dont know why it bnothers me so much, he has no power over me, so in theory that just makes him a foreign fanny politician to laugh at as an amusing caricature.

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