Federal Europe bans acre

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Well, it was bound to happen eventually – the acre has fallen to the forces of Europeanism.

Federal Europe has issued a directive on the harmonisation of measuring open spaces which specifically bans the use of the acre from 2010.  The directive was given the nod by the eurofederalist minister for the south east euroregion of England and junior DEFRA minister, Jonathan Shaw.
The word acre is derived from the old English word “æcer” which meant an open field and was measured as the amount of land a man could plough with an ox in one day.  It started being used in the 13th Century in England and was much later adopted by the celts.

But no more, another piece of English history, tradition and culture has been wiped out by Federal Europe.

I wonder if Federal Europe will be pressing Israel to rename Acre and rewriting our history books to teach kids about the Battle of 0.4047 Hectares in 1291.  Winnie the Pooh books will have to be changed as well because Pooh will soon be living in the 40.47 Hectare Wood.  The rural support network, Action with Communities in Rural England, will have to changes it’s name in 2010 too – it’s going to be a bugger finding a meaningful acronym for 40.47HECTARE.

Federal Europe – give them 2.5cm and they’ll take 9.14 decimetres.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    is this the same as the foot, pound and pint?

    are they barred, about to be barred or are they immune?

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