Google-beater? Don’t make me laugh!

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A handful of ex-Googlies have set up a new search engine which they reckon is going to beat Google.

Hmmm.  Well, I saw this mentioned on BBC News earlier today but didn’t bother checking it out.  Then I saw a thread about it on Telford Live so I thought I’d best give it a whirl seeing as how people are talking about it.

What a sack of cack.

A seach for Telford Live comes up with an image that has no relevance to the website.  Searching for “wonkos world” comes up with some random sites but “wonko’s world” comes up with this place and a couple of images from the sidebar.  The mathematically-calculated “relevant” image isn’t guessed that well and even if it worked it wouldn’t add all that much to the experience.  Certainly not enough to make up for the slow, slow response times and poor search results.

Really, I don’t see the point in Cuil and I don’t see it lasting very long.  It’s not a patch on Google – it’s slow, the search results aren’t very good and the only front-end gimmick Cuil has doesn’t work properly.

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