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Georgia has declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrawn its troops from the South Ossetia region after Russia invaded 3 days ago.

South Ossetia has harboured ambitions for independence for a few years now and has been given a great degree of autonomy in the past.  A majority of South Ossetian Georgians have Russian passports, a fact that Russia has used to justify invading Georgia.

Russian-Georgian relations have degraded severely as Georgia has turned away from Russia politically and turned more towards Europe.

The UN won’t be able to do anything about it because Russia has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and a veto.  However, Federal Europe will probably say something in the next day or two to which Russia will no doubt reply that Federal Europe supported Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence without a UN mandate so they are doing the same for South Ossetia and when they do it will be yet more proof that Federal Europe has failed miserably in its aim of preventing war in Europe.

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