Boris over-rules the eco-loonies

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Boris Johnson has over-ruled the eco-loonies in London and cancelled the pedestrianisation of Parliament Square and the purchase of hygdrogen-powered vehicle for use in the public sector around London.

Ken Livingstone, the odious turd that preceded Boris, approved plans for the pedestrianisation of Parliament Square which would have involved paving over the grass and banning cars from the surrounding area (Although presumably MPs would still have been allowed to send their chauffeur-driven cars up to the front door).  Boris says he has cancelled the plan because he doesn’t think Londoners would want to spend any more of their stretched transport budget on reducing the capacity of London roads.

Red Ken also approved the purchase of several hydrogen-powered cars, vans and motorbikes for use by the public sector in London.  Boris has cancelled those because Transport for London says they’re not viable yet although they will still go ahead and purchase 10 hydrogen-powered buses and construct fueling facilities.

The red-cheeked, tweed jacket wearing Green Party assembly member, Darren Johnson, said:

Mayor Johnson has just scrapped the biggest hydrogen vehicle project in this country.

It is one thing for the London mayor to talk green, but he is clearly turning into a one man environmental disaster.

He has scrapped the £25 charged on gas guzzlers and dropped plans for a pedestrian friendly Parliament.

What’s the point of spending taxpayers money buying hydrogen-powered vehicles that, according to Transport for London, are not viable?  What’s the point in charging £25 for the privilege of driving a 4×4 into London?  Does it produce 3 or 4 times as much congestion?  And the pedestrianisation of Parliament Square will not make Parliament more pedestrian friendly.

It’s good to see some common sense coming out of Boris Johnson, it’s a shame we can’t expect more of the same from “Call Me Dave” Camoron after the next election.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I think one thing that greenies miss about cars is……

    You have a car, you can drive places, if a place is awkward to get to, you drive somewhere else. In combination with out ot of town shopping malls, bizarre road works and stuff, they have destroyed many town centres. Edinburgh is a good example, the city centre is great, unless you want to buy something…..

  2. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    As a former dispatch rider I am glad that Boris is not pedestrianising Parliament Square, as Parliament Square is a very important road system for that part of London, with the square acting as a kind of roundabout.

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