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The Drivers Alliance has officially launched its website today as news of the British government’s rubber stamping of road pricing trials hit the papers.

Drivers Alliance - SmallThe Drivers Alliance was started by Peter Roberts, the Telford man who started the 1.8m signature Downing Street petition opposing road pricing.

Pop over and take a look.  Peter is a very hard working guy, this could easily become the Taxpayers Alliance of the motoring world.

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One comment

  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    i dont drive, at all, i am an utter pedestrian and happy to be such but i honestly have no idea what purpose half these stupid road works serve.

    I could maybe understand it if they make it awkward for cars but make it nicer for me, that makes a kind of twisted sense.


    They do weird things to the roads, that piss the drivers off but have no purpose to do anything. I mean, they could give me some money and i would throw stones at passing cars, that would have the same overall effect but be cheaper and fun.

    I really dont know

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