Baby Wipes

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This may seem a little random, but is there anything on this planet that baby wipes can’t clean?

We haven’t had to change nappies for about 2 years now but we still keep a supply of baby wipes because they’re so damn useful.

I polish my shoes with a baby wipe.  I clean my PC monitor with a baby wipe.  Tonight the humble baby wipe has excelled itself in cleaning off the rusted crap left behind on number three’s digital camera by dead, leaking batteries that was stopping the batteries making contact.

I’m thinking of buying up a job lot of baby wipes and selling them to BNFL to take care of the waste from Sellafield.

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  1. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    They’re good for leather seats as well. If they’re ok for a babies bottie, they must be ok forpretty much anything. Maybe they could be used for cleaning the council HQ and save us millions.

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