Telford tries its hand at facism

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You would be forgiven for thinking that Telford & Wrekin Council had decided to revive the Imperial Fascist League given their recent pronouncements on the town park.

Telford Town Park was given to the people of the town with covenants protecting it as a park with free and open access for all in perpetuity.

Telford and Wrekin Council - FascistsA few weeks ago, a well-known local protester was evicted from the park for dressing up as a penguin and handing out climate change propaganda.  Now, this is someone I’ve locked horns with on more than one occasion and of course I don’t agree with her views on climate change (she believes in anthropogenic climate change, I have common sense) but on this we agreed – she has every right to stand in a public place and hand out leaflets as long as she doesn’t harass anyone.  The council officers who evicted her from that public place had no right to do so and several people told them so.  They even told her that you are only allowed to hand out leaflets in the park if you have had a Police CRB check and signed a declaration agreeing to all sorts of restrictions.  This is, of course, a load of bollocks – they cannot impose these conditions on anyone wanting to use a public place.
But they don’t let the little matter of acting without authority get in the way.  No, rather than apologise for harassing someone going about their lawful business they have announced that anyone seen in the park without a child will be challenged by their agents who will want to know who they are and why they are in the park without a child.

I’m a father of four and I want my children to be safe.  What I don’t want is the type of society where everyone is assumed to be guilty.  Have they never heard of the phrase “you can’t see the wood for the trees”?

The council’s pronouncement has gone down like a lead balloon locally and a protest has been organised for Saturday morning by Telford Council Watch.  I’ll be there sans enfants to show the facists at Telford & Wrekin Council what I think of their new rules and to exercise my right, as per the legally binding contract that transferred ownership of the park to the Telford Development Corporation (now susbumed into the council), to free and open access to the park.

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  1. CherryPie (69 comments) says:

    So that means I can’t really enjoy doing one of the things I love most in life. Chilling out in a nice garden, park or woodland. Maybe just take a picnic lunch and enjoy the tranquility! I don’t have kids of my own, but I wouldn’t even want to take my nephews who I love to bits. Walking in the park is a time for me to chill out!

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Will you be putting in an appearance on Saturday? Should be a fair few people there. Spread the word.

  3. Rightwingnutandproudofit (1 comments) says:

    What a bunch cunty fuckwit shitheads these council apparatchiks are. This woman might be gullible enough to believe in the global warming bollocks, but she has every right to hand out her beliefs whether they are shite or not. As for being questioned about being in a park without children, well….what can one say? Words fail me.

  4. Rob (27 comments) says:

    That’s awful.

  5. axel (1214 comments) says:

    they picked on her because she was on her own, if she was team handed, she would have been fine

  6. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    This is an alarming approach by T&W who are very used to trying to get their own way on everything. They have also been condemned by kidscape for this policy.

    After looking under the Shropshire Heading in Operation, 2 teachers and 1 civil servant have been prosecuted, maybe they need to look at themselvs before others, it is worth viewing, but some of the convictions are quite alarming

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