You can’t make stuff like this up …

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Just looking for some information on a recent event held by Telford & Wrekin Council and came across the Leisure, Culture and Tourism page.

First thing I noticed was the missing comma in the title so it reads “Leisure Culture and Tourism”. It’s just a little thing but without the comma the title means something different.

Second thing I noticed was this:

Whether you wish to walk or cycle for leisure or to get to work or educaiton, there are plenty of routes to get you where you want to go

Is it any wonder Telford has a reputation as the shittiest, chaviest place in the whole god damn world when even the council can’t spell educayshun educascion edyucatshun that word for learning stuff that begins with “e”?

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  1. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    they kan spel tat gud cos they went tooo pubic skool

  2. Karl (40 comments) says:

    Hah. No spoiling chicken installed in their orifice, obviously.

    Still, that’s the corporate workstation build for you…heh.

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    You’d have thought that when it was going on a council website, someone would have run it through a speel chocker before potsing it onto their westbite. With the amount of council tax they take off us, you’d have thought the budget would run to one.

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I find your midlands patois absolutely fascinating, you should get the ethnic department in radio 4 to record you 😛

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    The BBC have already done bits and pieces in Shropshire. There’s a proper old Shropshire dialect and accent that’s dying out. My uncle has the accent – he sounds almost Welsh – but he doesn’t have much of the dialect. There’s also the Dawley dialect which is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before – you think a drunk Glasweigan is hard to understand? Well you probably don’t but us normal people do. The Dawley dialect still has some Saxon words in it, that’s how old it is. Sadly it’s also dying out.

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