Cheap text messages for foreigners

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Federal Europe is going to force mobile phone companies to cut the cost of text messages in Europe from an average of 23p to 9p.

Whoop de fucking do.

Hands up who’s been abroad this year. Hands up who sent loads of text messages while they were there. Hands up who regularly uses their mobile phone on the continent.

Ok, I don’t have a webcam in every house but I’m guessing there’s not many hands went up there and that’s why this is a completely pointless exercise for us. If you live somewhere like Belgium or Luxembourg or the Netherlands then there’s a good possibility that you’ll travel outside of your own borders enough to make the reduction in the cost of text messages reasonably useful. But we’re an island, we don’t travel around the continent like people in other countries in Federal Europe do. But we’ll pay the cost of subsidising their cheap text messages.

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  1. Spanish Property for Sale (1 comments) says:

    Its about time the price of something went down,at least my next holiday to Spain might be cheaper!!
    Lucy xx

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