Thieving Bastards

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Metric Martyr, Neil Herron, was in the High Court in London today to seek a judicial review into the civil parking fines system.

Neil has argued for a long time that the parking adjudication service isn’t impartial because it’s funded by taking a percentage of any fines that are paid. The Human Rights Act says that everyone is entitled to a fair trial and unbiased adjudication which it’s clearly impossible to get when the adjudication service has a vested interest in finding against the person with the ticket.

He’s also arguing that as the law stands, any restricted parking zone containing zigzags or red lines is invalid and the tickets unenforceable.

Meanwhile, Nottingham City Council has thought of a new way of fleecing a bit more cash out of drivers by plotting the introduction of a workplace car parking space tax. I kid you not, they actually want to tax the parking space you use at your place of work.

There’s only one kind of language these people understand and that’s the kind written on a piece of 2 by 4.

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  1. Arden Forester (8 comments) says:

    It’s having your cake and eat it time down at the Parking Adjudication Service. It’s a diabolical cheek!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that we, the electorate, are seen as the life blood for all these agencies, quangos and government off-shoots.

    Keep up the good work, Wonko!

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    It must be a form of insanity in councils, we have a lot of it up here too 🙁

    What I dont understand, is why councils dont understand how cars work, if you have a car, you drive where ever you go, fair enough. If somewhere is difficult to get to, you dont go there, obvious really or so you would think. This is how my mind works and i go by bus.

    Now the advantage of having a car is, you can go where you want, not where the bus driver thinks you should be going, if it easier to shop at a huge out of town shopping centre with big clean shops, a decent level of security and free parking, you will go there and the local high street will only have the skate boarding kids, the big issue sellers and the drunk scotsmen lying in ponds of their own urine. None of the above will notice the pedestrianisation items and the environomentally friendly crap, they have all gone to the out of town centre or worse to the next town.

    Sorry, that is wrong, the people who will notice are the shop keepers who now have time to pore over their increased rates (or whatever they are called in Southern Scotlandshire) because all their customers cant park their cars, cant buy large things, cant buy lots of things, cant leave their cars in safety in the previously nice town centre.

    Rant over, i’m going outside to set fire to rubbish buckets

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