Gordo moves into B&B

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El Gordo is steering us expertly through these difficult economic times, as promised.

He’s expertly steered Northern Rock into bankruptcy and nationalisation, he’s expertly steered the economy into a recession, he’s expertly steered HBOS into an emergency takeover by Lloyds TSB and now he’s expertly steering Bradford & Bingley either into the hands of the Spaniards or nationalisation.

For over a decade he pissed our money up the wall, sold the family silver gold for a pittance and all the time, Bliar stood there like a grinning chimp telling us what a wonderful Chancellor El Gordo was. The upshot of his criminal mismanagement of the economy is that there’s nothing left to keep us afloat now that money’s tight.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Get rid of the stinking whining jocks, cut them loose to sink on their on, that will free up a good few billion!

    Oh, thats what we both want 😉

    Actually, if we escapre before this next big aircraft carrier is started, you can give the other half to Barrow or the Tyne

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