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In the last three months I’ve twice scared off some of the local feral youth when they’ve been trying to break into my neighbours garden at night and today someone has had a go at the same house in broad daylight!

Mrs Sane called me to tell me that the police had been round asking if she’d seen anything and they’re all over the place taking footprints in the mud and other exciting CSI-type stuff.  I’m exaggerating slightly but there’s a few police kicking about this afternoon.

What’s the world coming to when your home isn’t even safe in broad daylight?

Time to bolster the defences I think.  Anyone know where I can get one of those laser devices they used in Over the Hedge?

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Barbed wire is good, hide it, make it unobtrusive, put shite on it, human is best and then when any cuts themselves on it, they will get fucked up, Broken glass and shite is good too but it does not look so nice. Your main problem is your kids, you dont want them running about your garden and then suddenly having a life threatening accident on your defence systems.

    What about buying a Scotsman? You could keep him in the garden, in all weathers, feed him a few litres of strong lager every week and your garden will be safe. The only thing is, you would also need a shed for him to hide in when you are using your garden yourself

  2. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    Plant land mines around the place.

  3. Stan (222 comments) says:

    Be careful with your defences. My mate John had all sorts of problems with the council over the measures he put in place to deter kids from knocking down his back wall (a common hobby amongst kids in his neck of the woods). Broken glass is a no-no, as is barbed wire or anti-climb paint if there are not sufficient warnings posted on your property.
    Anybody injured on your property by your defences can take legal action against you.

    Your best bet is to get advice from the safer neighbourhood unit at your local nick, they are usually quite helpful with this stuff.

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