It’s all in the database

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I saw an advert on the BBC today for TV Licensing, the extortion arm of the BBC.

The advert started off all nice and friendly telling the viewer that thanks to their technology you can pay for your TV licence by yearly or monthly direct debit or even weekly by cash.

That’s very generous of them.  What piece of wonderous, customer friendly technology is this?

It’s all in the database

Ah, “the database”.  It’s all for our benefit you know?  All that business with keeping every address in the UK and harassing anyone in “the database” who hasn’t got a TV licence is to protect us, the customer.  Sending threatening letters to anyone who buys any type of TV equipment whether they have a TV licence or not is just a proactive way of reminding us of our responsibilities as good citizens.

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  1. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    We receive a threatening letter every two weeks or less, and have done so for the past ever so many years. They usually go into the bin unopened but Mrs Gruff sometimes reads them for a bit of fun. They’ve stopped sending them recorded delivery because we refused to sign for them (Mrs Gruff had to go to the sorting office to collect a parcel once and was shown a boxful of the things, all addressed to us, all undelivered). I’ve been harassed by these sad buggers for almost twenty years, in one location or another but I just make various sorts of fun of the idiots who call, depending on their manner towards me, if I answer the door at all. They clear off once they realise we’re not intimidated. The latest letter (Mrs G couldn’t resist) explains, yet again, that the ‘enforcement officers’ have ‘been given permission to take a statement under caution in [our] home’.


  2. dmc (1 comments) says:

    Every time i move i get the same nasty threatening letters,this time after the first one i threatened to sue for harrasment.The last home check i had,the guy was so pathetically pleased someoone didnt threaten to punch that he took my word for it.

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