MPs complain about police state they created

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MPs are going to have a hard enough job explaining to a lot of people why it is they should be immune from civil proceedings for things they say and do in parliament and why the police shouldn’t be able to search their parliamentary offices and take away documents they find there.

There is a good reason for this, of course, but there will be a lot of people who will object to MPs having this privilege when the rest of us have to abide by the law or face the consequences.

Which is why they really should make the job of explaining it unnecessarily difficult with bloody stupid comments about how a police state is being built and complaining the anti-terrorism police were used to arrest Damian Green MP or that he was held for 9 hours and had his DNA and fingerprints taken.

They voted for the draconian, illiberal legislation that allowed anti-terrorism police to be used on people who aren’t terrorists.

They voted for the draconian, illiberal legislation that allow the police to forcibly take DNA samples and fingerprints and hold them forever regardless of whether the person is found innocent.

It’s good to see an MP experiencing, first hand, the abuse of anti-terrorism laws and the shocking way that the police have been turned into a puppet of the state.  It’s good to see an MP experiencing, first hand, the way the police have been changed from an independent civillian force whose job is to protect the civillian population and uphold the law to a politicised sockpuppet of the British government that is there to serve the state, not the people.

But most of all, it’s good that so many MPs are complaining about the treatment one of their own has received from agents of the state.  Perhaps next time they’re presented with a bill purporting to be about anti-terrorism or security, they’ll spend a little bit more time thinking about what’s written on the paper in front of them and less about what their leaders and whips are telling them.

The whole affair is being carefully choreographed.  The police have accused Damian Green of “grooming” civil servants to get information out of them.  The word “grooming” is, of course, associated with paedophiles – inferring the seriousness of the “crime” as being on the same level as child abuse.  The police are using character assassination to try and justify what they did – no smoke without fire and all that and he was grooming young impressionable civil servants.

El Gordo and the facsist bitch, Jacqui Smith, are both still denying that they knew anything about it but it’ll all come out in the inquiry, I’m sure.  Except there won’t be one – not if El Gordo gets his way.  He says there won’t be an inquiry into what happened because they don’t know all the facts.  Very sensible Comrade Brown, imagine what would happen if someone held an inquiry without knowing what the answers were in advance – they might not come up with the right answer and then where would we be?
Damian Green’s arrest should be a warning to all MPs, regardless of which party they belong to.

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  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    To be fair, some of those doing the compaining have a history of opposing police state powers. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour MP who has spoken out on this, has, with the Campaign Group of backbench Labour MPs, voted against all of the draconian measures. MPs of all parties have opposed this tip-toe towards a police state – sadly, they are in a minority.

  2. tbrrob (24 comments) says:

    Fine comment — the best I’ve read on the topic so far.

  3. John Franklyn (59 comments) says:

    Would they create the noise if it was you or I arrested, or is it getting to close to be comfortable I wonder?

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