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Regular readers will know that I have a phobia of dentists so bad that I recently spent a week and a half in agony with a gum infection rather than go to the dentist.

Well, yesterday was my first trip to the hospital for some dental work.  I wasn’t in the best shape by the time I got into the dentists room but luckily Mrs Sane was there to hold my hand (literally).  I told the dentist about the gum infection the allergic reaction I had to penicillin the other day and the various tablets I’m taking half hoping she’d say she couldn’t do anything but she said it was fine.

The dentist had a look around by mouth and said I think we’d better just take these two teeth out, are you happy with that?  Erm … bit of a daft question but I told her to do it.  They pumped me full of vallium which did mellow me out enough to have the work done but didn’t supress my memory of it or anything like she said it would.

So, I’ve had two broken teeth out that have been causing me problems for ages – one on either side of my mouth – and I’m going back next year to have some fillings.  I can only eat using two back teeth on one side of my mouth because of the hole where my tooth has been taken out and the infection on the other side.  The infected gum is making its presence known – I’ve got one hamster cheek and my mouth still tastes of blood but it should be sorted in a day or two.

If anyone else has a phobia of dentists that they can’t get over then I really would recommend going to see a dentist, telling them about your phobia and asking for a referral to your local nervous patients service.  The dentist won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with and you’ll feel better once you’ve gone through with it.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I am the same, after my assault and being concious while he bolted my head together, i was completely freaked by both dentists and barbers but i am lucky, i am a day patioent at a psychiatric hospital, so i got plenty of support and drugs to help me through the process.

    Well done dude, i know how freaky it gets 🙁

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