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FIFA have agreed to a British football team for the 2012 Olympics and No Mandate Brown has got assurances from Sepp Blatter that the independence of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish teams will be maintained.

The English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish fan associations are all opposed to a British football team and the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish football associations are also opposed.  Only the English FA supports the creation of a British team.

EL Gordo said:

Over time people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will see the benefits of this unique sporting event that’s coming to London – this unique event at which we would not have a football team represented

He has not interest in whether English people see “the benefits” of the 2012 Olympics, he just requires that we pay for it and supply medal athletes for the British team.

Gordo also said he had talked to Sepp Blatter about the …

… continuing representation of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland football associations in all international tournaments

The continued representation of the English FA in international tournaments is also of no interest to the Ignorant Jock who clearly envisages the English team carrying on the Team GB name after 2012.

According to the BBC …

The challenge, he said, was getting a UK team to compete in 2012 without compromising the independence of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish football associations.

Again, no mention of England, the sacrificial lamb of the Brownian Peoples Republic of New Britain.

The Goblin King says that he and Seb Coe have already spoken to lifelong Liebour supporter and fellow Scot, Alex Fergusson, about managing the British team.  It has also been suggested that the first Team GB match is played at Hamden Park to increase public support for the team.  Once again, it isn’t English support that they’re interested in, it’s celtic support.

So we’re still looking at a British team comprised of English players managed by a Scotsman and the continued existence of an England under critical threat.  Like I said back in September, sport is truly a microcosm of society.

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