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I don’t know if any of you have ever been to Telford but it has approximately 300 traffic islands per head of population.  Yet despite this dubious accolade, virtually nobody in the town knows how to drive round one.

I admit that some of the concepts of negotiating a traffic island are a bit tricky, such as using the right hand lane when turning right instead of driving all the way round the outside of the island, cutting people up.

There’s many a time that I’ve been cut up by some dickhead who can’t drive round an island and ranted to my unfortunate passenger that the police should do something about.  The policeman driving the car that followed me tonight wouldn’t have done anything about it though – he also seemed to have the same problem turning right at islands despite the fact that he was almost doing a full circuit of the island, which should have been a big clue as to which lane to be in.

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  1. CherryPie (69 comments) says:

    Yup! that winds me up too, along with the ones who pull out in front of as you come past the junction causing you to speed up or slow down to get in the right lane!

  2. George Ashcroft (122 comments) says:

    I had that the other day, the M54 sliproad near Shifnal services. I am sure that people do not know how to drive. I drive regularly in North London – it’s absolute chaos. No one uses their indicators. No one. Except me.

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    are you sure they are ‘islands’?

    if the ineptitude of telford council is as stunning as you claim it to be, are you sure ythey are not negative holes that have grown organically, fed and nurtured by burnt rubber and spilt oil?

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