Amnesty International tells NI to take Guantanamo prisoners

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Amnesty International has told the Northern Irish First Minister and Deputy First Minister that they should follow the leader of the Irish Republic and consider taking released prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

The Northern Irish government doesn’t have the power to make this kind of decision, it’s a reserved matter.  Amnesty International should shut the fuck up and stop trying to promote its republican agenda in Northern Ireland.

If they’re looking for human rights abuses they could start a bit closer to home and looks at the English people dying of cancer because they can’t have the same medical treatments the Scots get on the NHS and where English people are told it is offensive or racist to fly their national flag.

Human rights aren’t just about not being locked up for disagreeing with the government or not being tortured or murdered – the right to self determination and the right to display cultural and national symbols are also in the United Nations Convention on Human Rights.

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