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Had a leaflet this morning from a fake charity called Europe Family Link asking for clothes.

This is an unusual one because it’s linked to a real charity but EFL isn’t a charity despite the leaflet implying that it is.

Northamptonshire Trading Standards complained last year about the leaflet to the Advertising Standards Agency. The ASA upheld the complaint and told EFL to remove the phrases “Europe Family Links is a UK registered non-profit organisation” and “Charity begins at home” and the reference to their Companies House registration number from their leaflet but they’re still there.

I’ve reported it to Trading Standards this morning but there will unfortunately be people taken in by the fake charity leaflet. If you have clothes to donate to charity, either take them to a proper charity shop or check if your council gives clothes put out with your recycling to charity.

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  1. IcyPurplepants (13 comments) says:

    Have you seen this website:

    Amazing how many of these “charities” are set up and funded by the government!

  2. Stan (222 comments) says:

    To be totally honest the whole website looks like a politically motivated attempt to rubbish a load of charities who conflict with the agenda of the devils kitchen

    I’m not sure that they know much about charity funding. Over a third is provided by the government.

    Without government money there would be no Law Centres or Citizens advice bureaus

  3. Stan (222 comments) says:

    I hate those fake clothing collection appeals, they’ve been going for years and change the design of their leaflets on a regular basis : (

  4. John (37 comments) says:

    I got a leaflet through the door from this so called “charity” last week

    I just googled them because I wasn’t convinced

    They still have that wording on their bags “Europe Family Links is a non-profit organisation” and “Charity begins at home” this is in breach of the ASA action and they have been informed

  5. harry griffiths (1 comments) says:

    as a registered charity i think that the law should be tightened to stop thes evil people from ripping the public off while so many charities are strugling on these rip off’s make thousands of pounds saying they what they are not there are so many of them why can’t they be stopped NOW,

  6. Diane (1 comments) says:

    Once again I enjoyed this blog. I appreciate you taking the time to write this.

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