Environment Agency wants compulsary water meters

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The Environment Agency plans to force water companies to spend money on installing water meters in every home in England and Wales to try and force people to use less water.

Their crackpot team of fake scientists have a bullshit theory that global warming will result in up to 80% less water in rivers by 2050 and the planet is going to be simultaneously engulfed by rising sea levels and turned into a vast desert by global warming.

Instead of forcing water companies to spend millions on useless water meters, make them spend the money on repairing leaks. Severn Trent loses over half a million litres of water a year through leaky pipes alone and that’s only one water company. There’s not much point putting a water meter in every home to try and force people to use less if you’re going to allow the water companies to piss millions of gallons into the street.

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