Guilty until proven innocent

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A Welsh man has had £67k confiscated by the police because he couldn’t prove it was legitimate.

Police were called to his house following a report of an attempted break-in and found £67k in cash.  The man said the money came from savings and selling German military memorabilia but couldn’t prove it so they got a court order for its confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

DC Phil Davies of South Wales Police said that “It is enough to show the cash is probably related to one of a number of kinds of activity, any one of which would have been unlawful, for example, cheating the revenue, trading in counterfeit goods, drug supply or falsely claiming state benefits.”

Probably?  Since when was it good enough for someone to probably be breaking the law to be guilty?  This man was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and then released without charge.  The constitution in England and Wales says that you are innocent until proven guilty and that it is illegal to force someone to forfeit their property unless they are convicted.  This is unconstitutional and illegal.  It is a breach of Article 1 of Protocol 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to peaceful enjoyment of their property.
Liebour has turned this country into a fucking police state.  I hope this bloke appeals and takes the police to the cleaners.  Fucking fascists.

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  1. jameshigham (87 comments) says:

    Yes, I saw this – it sums it up, doesn’t it? By the way, Ilike your word verification today. 🙂

  2. john (37 comments) says:

    Erosion of vital English values

    Historically, in terms of the development of democracy, Englishmen have been unique in identifying, defining and giving voice to seminal values which so many hold dear. These include the right to the pursuit of happiness, the setting of individual freedom as the hallmark of a successful system of justice as reflected in the typically English legal imperatives as the right to equality before the law irrespective of status, the assumption of innocence, the right to trial by jury, habeas corpus and freedom of, and the defence of, free speech. These have largely rode on English Common Law and the ability of Judges and Juries to do a fair job free from political interference.

    Such imperatives for the survival of freedom were promoted by the Levellers during the English Civil War and by the group associated with John Lilburne. Cromwell had these inividuals kept in prison. With the collapse of the English Republic and with the return of Royalty their essential writings were very much kept under wraps. The spark which gave rise to a mass revolution in the American Colonies was when the British Crown moved to ban juries because too many were preventing the state enforce arbitrary decisions on innocent “colonists”. It is notable that the American Constitutional components which relate to the pursuit of happiness, individual liberty and freedom are largely based on the early writings of Lilburne written in the Tower of London, 150 years before.

    Unfortunately there has been a slow erosion of this essential spark, this recognition of the importance of the defence of individual freedom, as a typical English value. This has occurred gradually since the ascendency of the Scottish influence in United Kingdom politics. Scotland, it should be noted, has a legal system based on the European system, Corpus Juris, a codified Roman Law which is completely distinct and almost alien from English Common Law. This sustains a position which keeps the influence of the community conscience in legal affairs and court decisions at arms length.

    Elimination through a political Europe

    The lack of an English assembly prevents the English from protecting their rights to sustain their nationality as English. The European project, Corpus Juris and the European Constitutional Draft are aimed directly at “standardizing law” which means, in the United Kingdom context that Scottish Law will eventually reign supreme. The breaking up of England into so-called EU regions has been a subtle and politically destructive means of destroying the coherence of the English nation. England has become the only country in Europe to have been eliminated without a war but rather as the result of the manipulations of Brussels bureaucrats and dishonest and irresponsible politicians in Westminster serving their party interests over country.

  3. paul reed (1 comments) says:

    listen its 2009 now the police do what they want without proof look at section 59 its a police state now wait til your the one in jail for something what hasn’t happened and your thinking eeeeee whats goin on you get iz.

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