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The British government has unveiled plans to install gas and electricity smart meters in every house at the customer’s expense. Installation of the smart meters will be mandatory.

According to the British government, the meters will save consumers money and reduce CO2 emissions. The meters don’t make electricity or gas cheaper and they don’t reduce the amount of electricity or gas an appliance consumes but they will cost the consumer money to install. This makes them cheaper because …. ?

But of course, as with so many bloody stupid ideas that end up costing us money, it isn’t the British government’s idea at all

Last week, European politicians voted to roll out smart meters in every building across the Continent by 2022, and set an 80% installation target for 2020. The technology relays info about household electricity use and prices to consumers, who can then alter their habits to cut energy bills often by over 50%.

The European Empire strikes again and once again it’s the consumer that ends up paying the cost of the Empire’s stupid ideas. But at least we know how it’s going to save us money – we can alter our evil capitalist ways and be good little eco-friendly socialists reading Captain Euro magazines to our children by candlelight. In other words, it’s not going to save us money at all – it’s going to cost every household money to install something that is going to save the gas and electricity companies millions because they won’t need meter readers any more.

The economy has hit rock bottom, most of the world is in recession and national debt is touching 150% of GDP so obviously the priority for everyone in the country has got to be spending £7bn on smart peters

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