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A couple of months back a civil servant lost his job for releasing information on MPs expenses. He narrowly escaped a prosecution and during the police investigation, Damian Green MPs office was raided by police.

A few days ago, the Telegraph started publishing leaked details of MPs fraudulent expenses and the Speaker, Michael Martin, has called in the police to investigate the leak but not to investigate his thieving bastard colleagues.

All of which makes John Hemming MP, Austin Mitchell MP and Peter Bottomley MP hypocritical bastards for tabling a motion condemning the Jersey Police Force for arresting Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret and searching his home without a warrant.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

The Jersey Attorney General has ruled that the raid and arrest were legal under Jersey law. What business is it of these three MPs, none of which are Privy Councillors, what goes on in Jersey? They should be concentrating their attentions a bit closer to home.

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