Scottish doctor calls for compulsary vaccinations in England

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Sir Sandy Macara, former Chairman of the British Medical Association, has called for MMR vaccinations to be made compulsary by making an immunisation certificate a pre-requisite to being accepted for a school place.

He says that doctors have tried to convince parents but it’s not working so it has to be made compulsary, which begs the question: if the entire medical establishment can’t convince parents that the MMR jab is safe then someone, somewhere is doing something wrong.

We decided to have our children immunised even though there were doubts being cast in the media about the safety of the combined-MMR vaccination. We took a calculated risk, as we all do with any medication no matter how long it’s been around or how safe it’s been considered to be in the past. I used to have painkillers on repeat prescription when I was a teenager that were taken off the shelves a few years ago because they do nasty things to your insides. We also took a calculated risk in allowing one of our children to have his tonsils taken out even though there was a suggestion at the time there might be a risk of contracting CJD from metal surgical implements. And long time readers of this blog may recall that we took a calculated risk in allowing another one of our children to have open heart surgery even though he would be the youngest child in the UK to have had the Ross Procedure performed on him. This is what parents do – they weigh up the risks and benefits of many things every day where their children are concerned and come up with the answer they are most comfortable with. That’s what being a parent is about – caring for your children, deciding what is right and wrong for them and making the decisions for them that they can’t make.

Vaccinations are something a parent should decide on, not the state. One parent’s decision affects one child, the state’s decision will affect millions and if they get it wrong the ramifications are far greater. And, of course, the British government could only make vaccinations compulsary in England and I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that Sir Sandy Macara is Scottish.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    and surely that is a good advertising point for a school, ‘No plague kids here!’

    Vaccinations are something a parent should decide upon but the greater good of society as a whole is something the government should decide on and if it thinks kids with diseases (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) are an unacceptable thing to have running about in schools, then they should be kept away from the healthier part of society.

    In russia, unless a kid has a full set of vaccinations, he cant start school

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    wee wonko- hey dad, i dont think i should have to go to school, i dont need to learn or be innoculated

    big wonko-let me calculate the risks

    wee wonko-i already have and the outlook is good#

    big wonko- you cant count, you have’nt been to school

    Wee wonko- the PM cant count either and he went to school, surely by not going in the first place it will save every a lot of blood sweat & tears?

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    “but, he warned, if levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide continued to rise, in around 1,000 years they will approach the same levels that existed “before there was persistent ice sheet in Antarctica” ”


    what does this tell us?

  4. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    “Macara, former Chairman of the British Medical Association, has called for MMR vaccinations to be made compulsary by making an immunisation certificate a pre-requisite to being accepted for a school place.
    He says that doctors have tried to convince parents but it’s not working so it has to be made compulsary.”

    Does he have a place on the big pharma board? Oh doctors have tried to “convince” parents! Really? Does convincing parents come under their remit? Me thinks f*ckin’ not! Oh I see, because the people who control the doctors cannot get their own way in a nicey nicey fashion they’re going to make parents POISON THEIR OWN F*CKIN’ CHILDREN! In other words, we do not have a right to bring up our own kids how we ant
    because some narsissistic fascist says so. Well, at present I reside in the U.S.A. and I got a waiver for my kid…on religious grounds! Maybe you can try that.

    “We recently reported on huge protests carried out in New Jersey by concerned parents over a new mandatory “requirement” for children to be vaccinated in order to attend preschools and day-care centers.

    Mercury-based preservative containing flu shots have been directly linked with autism in children. Further studies have shown a decline in neurodevelopmental disorders after the removal of the thimerosal-containing vaccines.”

    The short, eye-opening eBook linked below is titled Aluminum in Vaccines — a Neurological Gamble, by Neil Miller. It documents the hazards associated with aluminum-laden vaccines. Children are receiving high concentrations of aluminum in their shots.

    Vaccines containing high concentrations of neurotoxic aluminum were added to the child immunization schedule when several vaccines containing mercury were removed. Two-month old babies now receive 1,225 mcg of aluminum from their vaccines — 50 times higher than safety levels! Although the FDA, CDC and World Health Organization are aware of the dangers, they expect parents to play Russian roulette with their children.

    Thimerosal has been removed from or reduced to trace amounts in all vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years of age and younger, with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine (see Table 1). A preservative-free version of the inactivated influenza vaccine (contains trace amounts of thimerosal) is available in limited supply at this time for use in infants, children and pregnant women. Some vaccines such as Td, which is indicated for older children (? 7 years of age) and adults, are also now available in formulations that are free of thimerosal or contain only trace amounts. Vaccines with trace amounts of thimerosal contain 1 microgram or less of mercury per dose.

  5. axel (1214 comments) says:

    up here in the land of men is skirts, they are seriously scared in the election.

    There are lots of signs, “Vote, please vote, for anyone apart for the BNP & UKIP”

    This is very odd, oki, i can see the point about campaigning against the UKIP but the BNP?

    The establishment must be really scared if they are campaigning against the BNP up here.

    As a point are the UKIP Daily Mail reading BNPites?

  6. Hugh Janus (6 comments) says:

    But parents who decide NOT to have their children vaccinated put other people’s children at risk. So, yes, parents should decide, but if they make a choice that has risk implications for others then they should bear the consequences and that means not being allowed to send their children to public schools. They should then be required to make their own arrangements at their own expense.

  7. Maxim (1 comments) says:

    But if the vaccinations work, what risk is there to the vaccinated from the unvaccianted? Logically, there must be none. You can’t have it both ways.

    Vaccination, however, is not 100% safe, and is not 100% effective. Look at the statistics from the ONS, from the 19th century onwards, and see what happened to infection rates after vaccination was introduced in the 1940s………and you’ll see that infection rates were declining well before vaccination started. There is no discernible effect in the data from vaccination.

    Now look at the rates of asthma, allergies, diabetes, neurological disorders in children. Massive increase since the 1940s………..makes you think, doesn’t it?

  8. Robert (3 comments) says:

    So as long as they say its not harmful you think i should let them inject my kids with whatever they want?
    Look at their track record …..i did and it isnt pretty reading!

  9. axel (1214 comments) says:

    i think it is all about calculated risk, is the chance of something bad happening higher from the innoculation’ or higher from being uninnoculated?

    Measles is a bastard, it made a noticeble mark on my year at school

  10. axel (1214 comments) says:

    mumps is probably the worst non self inflicted ailment i have ever had

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