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I see the Guardian have updated their spell-checker we already know it replaces “English” with “British” but now it replace “Cross of St George” with “Union Flag” as well.

English Democrat flies the Union flag in Doncaster

Doncaster starts a new life this week under a leader from a party previously associated with minuscule numbers of votes at byelections and an obsession with the flag.


His other eye-catching policies were in the same vein: reducing councillors’ numbers by two thirds to 21 (which he almost certainly has no power to do) and holding a referendum on whether his own post should exist. It was created in 2001 after a referendum with a 25% turnout. Although the English Democrats are routinely called right-wing (every public building would have to fly the Union flag) and want tight immigration curbs, they out-zeal the Liberal Democrats in wanting devolution from Westminster, election of every post in sight and the reunification of dismembered Yorkshire.

Well done to the English Democrats in getting one of their number elected as Mayor of Doncaster.  I don’t know why Doncastrians voted for him – whether it was for his euroscepticism, his English nationalism, his local policies or purely as a protest vote – but they did vote for him in large numbers and I’m sure we all wish him the best of luck in the English Democrats’ first foray into mainstream politics.

Now, back to the Guardian.  The failed communists at the Guardian hate the very idea of an English Parliament, partly because their beloved Labour Party would probably never leave the opposition benches in an English Parliament and partly because they only like the nationalism of the “oppressed minorities” on the celtic fringe.  You can expect more of this sort of thing from the Guardian and the rest of the anglophobic left wing media if Mayor Davies proves to be popular.

I very much doubt that Mayor Davies of the English Democrats will be flying the British flag in Doncaster.

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